A Simple Solution to an Automated World

With businesses shifting their focus to digitization and process streamlining, there has been an accelerating demand for automation management systems, a market forecasted to increase from $4.8 billion in 2018 to more than $26 billion in 2025.

While both private and public organisations were on a journey towards a digital business model prior to corona-virus, the scale of the pandemic has forced a dramatic acceleration, both in the speed of change and the required investment into digital transformation.

In a KPMG 2020 survey, 67% of businesses said they accelerated their digital transformation strategy and 63% had to increase their budget. 

At Australian Bollards, we understand the need and urgency of  putting automated solutions into practice. 

Our range of automatic solutions include automated bollards such as Pneumatic or Hydraulic bollards, Speed Stiles, Centurion Road Block Systems as well as a CVRS range.

The most recent innovation at Australian Bollards is the E-Bollard, a solution that replaces the standard cam lock key with an electronic key.

This system can be integrated into existing automated solutions.

Pneumatic Bollards (AB-PB168-900S) are designed to control access to a site with a high level of security, guaranteeing pedestrian access whilst blocking the area to road traffic. 

They are suitable for various applications such as in normal residential areas, business parks, government areas, ports, high-class estates, pedestrian streets, airports, sensitive areas and so on.

AB-PB168-900S  bollards can be controlled via an app to deliver 24/7 security and can also be programmed on an interchangeable time frame to suit client needs and requirements.

Similarly, Hydraulic Bollards (AB-200-900S/CS) incorporate the most reliable technology for intense weather conditions and when the installation requires a considerable distance (up to 80 meters) between the bollard and control unit.

AB-200-900S/CS bollards have a wide range of optional configurations such as custom colors, flashing lights integrated into the head, intermittent sound signals, heat resistant installations, and much more.

Our Speed Stiles combine elegance and sophistication with the best technology to areas where aesthetic values, excessive flow, maximum reliability and uncompromised security are highly valued.

By integrating access control devices, our pedestrian speed gates provide high security and capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorised passage. 

The Speed Stiles are also available in extra wide versions that comply with Disabled Access requirements.

Crash-tested using a 6.8 tonne truck going 80km/p, the Centurion Road Blocker System  as known as the Raptor Defence System showed zero penetration.

The electrically-driven road blocker remains operable after impact, and includes a provision for manual operation in case of a power outage. 

It has a three second operation speed and is sealed to protect against water and particulate intrusion, with a rating of IP68 designed to provide access control in secure facilities such as government and corporate buildings.

These extremely difficult times have proven how important it is that Australian’s continue to take the necessary steps to stay safe and operable, which is why we have developed the CVRS range. 

Ideal for hotel quarantine and restaurants, the CVRS range is the latest solution to keep you compliant with Covid restrictions and give you a peace of mind.

Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.


For more information on our automatic solutions, contact the team at australianbollards.com.au or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.


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