AB-2200 - IR Thermal Detector Ensuring Health & Safety

Australian Bollards has come up with a public health and safety security system. The AB-2200 IR Thermal Detector is a system that operates similar to a normal walk through detector but it is able to scan one’s body with the additional benefit of measuring the persons body temperature. With the current state of the world’s health at the moment the IR Thermal Detector is the perfect health and safety security solution, especially with the current on-going corona virus. The deadly disease has killed over 2,500 people and the World Health Organisation has declared it a global emergency.

The IR Thermal Detector is able to provide a high level of security specifically when it comes to material and/or biological matters, as it can detect heat patterns and when activated it will let off an alarm to alert operators of the situation so they are able to take the appropriate action required.

It is the perfect way to manage your team’s health and safety. It can be installed at a wide range of locations. The health, safety and security system can be implemented to keep the following places and personnel safe; remand centre, correctional facilities, staff, business’, workplaces, airports, schools, transport stations and terminals.

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