Australian Bollards COVID-19 Range

As restrictions continue to ease, more cases of the virus have once again begun to increase throughout Victoria. However, it is vital that businesses remain open to keep the economy going. Australian Bollards has invented the COVID-19 Range which are now in stock, helping provide the public with multiple benefits to ensure as minimal contact as possible. These ultimate solutions have been designed specifically to assist in preventing the spread of the virus.

Our latest solution includes both the AB-BS900-63S and the AB-BS900-63B Tensile Retractable Belt Barriers which have been designed to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Used as a crowd control method and known as the most effective and innovative solutions employing social distancing rules in style, these barriers are easy to assemble and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Building sophistication to social distancing while acting as a protective barrier, the AB-BS900-63S features a stainless-steel chrome finish, while the AB-BS900-63B features a black matte finish.

Featuring stanchions that help hold the barrier in place, our tensile barriers are an ideal security method which can be used across a range of facilities including shopping centres, banks, cafes, entertainment venues, airports, restaurants, universities, cinemas, and any other building where queue management is required.

The tensile barriers feature a 4-way connection point, a 320mm wide base, a rubber base design to avoid floor scratching and a weighted durable base plate (in either a black matte or stainless-steel chrome finish). Each stand includes a unique 3 metre black retractable belt.

Australian Bollards AB-2200 IR Thermal Detector is another useful solution in our COVID-19 range. A public health system that operates similar to a normal walk through detector, enabling a body scan with the additional benefit of measuring the person’s body temperature. With the current on-going corona virus, this product is a perfect health and safety security solution.

Another one of Australian Bollards incredible solutions is the AB-H88 IR Thermal Detector. This hand-held device is the most convenient way of managing your customer and team’s healthy and safety. What makes this product so unique is how its high level of security can detect heat patterns.

The AB-H88 can be used in places such as remand centres, correctional facilities, businesses, workplaces, airports, schools, transport stations and terminals. The IR Thermal Detector can also be used at building front entrances, allowing the temperatures of staff, team members, and other individuals to be scanned as they pass by.

And last but not least, Australian Bollards AB-SD-600 Social Distancing Non-Slip Floor Sticker is another innovative and practical solution in keeping Corona Virus at bay and helping assist Australians with the 1.5 metre social distancing requirements.

600mm in diameter, this highly visible solution provides pedestrian control, which enhances commuters shopping experience, ensuring a more secure and comfortable environment. The non-slip floor stickers can be implemented inside shopping centres, cafes, airports, restaurants (for takeaway purposes), and waiting lines (e.g. Centrelink or Woolworths).

If looking to make a purchase, you can now receive a Social Distancing Non-Slip Floor Sticker for free when you buy two Tensile Belt Barriers. Visit our website or call +613 9459 3488 to order now.

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