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Manningham General Practice medical centre, located in Lower Templestowe, is operated and fully owned by committed doctors who are dedicated to providing their patients with better health and well-being. A clinic that offers a range of services including radiology, pathology, pharmacy, allied health and specialists, Australian Bollards has manufactured and installed high impact bollards for an ambulance only car park.

Australian Bollards AB-HI140-Y yellow powder-coated High Impact Bollards are sub-surface bollards providing protection against reckless drivers and deliver Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions which help keep a secure perimeter around particular buildings.


Integrated with the Impact Absorbing Bollards (AS/NZS 3845:1999) road safety barrier system, this dynamic solution is ideal for non-rated use in low speed impact areas. The sub-surface high impact bollard features a diameter of 140mm and is capable of stopping a 1600kg passenger car at speeds of up to 60kph. 


Australian Bollards is highly committed to providing our services to different help providers. As the importance of drop off/pick-up areas provided near the entry to the Emergency Unit, it is recommended by the Department of Human Services (DHS) that access for ambulance vehicles should be separated from access to staff and visitor parking areas (690. 10.00).

Highly visible, the high impact bollard is another great solution that protects against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) such as a car bomb, truck bomb or any other vehicle loaded with explosives and detonated and vehicle-borne terrorists (VBT). 

The high impact bollards are also the perfect solution for adding protection to both industrial and commercial goods, equipment, commercial roller doors, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMS), and office entry spaces.

Australian Bollards has provided our security solutions for shopping centres in Australia including Westfield Doncaster, Chadstone, Blackburn North, Watervale and Epping.  

For more information on our high impact bollards, contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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