Australian Bollards - Protecting Melbourne's Architectural History

Australian Bollards range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions like the AB-PB168-900S Pneumatic Bollard is the perfect access control system to deliver the necessary protection for many of Melbourne’s finest architecture and locations like Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St Paul's Cathedral are no exception.

Designed to protect pedestrians, buildings, shopfronts and alfresco dining restaurants, this high impact solution can be integrated with any access control systems, highlighting its flexibility and adaptability.

Not only do our Pneumatic Bollards provide our customers and businesses with the asset protection and public security they desire, this hostile vehicle mitigation solution comes in an aesthetically pleasing stainless steel appearance, which makes the product more resistant to corrosion and environmental factors, prolonging its quality and usage.

Pneumatic Automatic Bollards generally are installed at vehicle entrance/exit points and can be operated via a remote control or other access control systems to make the bollard automatically drop back down to ground level to allow access onto the premises. The bollards can also be programmed to rise and drop at interchangeable time-frames.

Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards also are installed with illuminated lights, sirens and strobes which are designed to assist people with visual and/or hearing impairments, thereby making them compliant with the disability discrimination act (2005).

Quality and service is our philosophy at Australian Bollards and our AB-PB168-900S Pneumatic Automatic Bollards definitely follow suite, giving our customers the very best there is in asset protection and public security.

For more information on our range of products and services like our Pneumatic Bollards, please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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