Australian Bollards - Protecting Pedestrians & Cyclists

In 2021, there were 220 deaths in Australia between pedestrians and cyclists. Protecting Australian roads, infrastructure, pedestrians and cyclists has always been a top priority.

Engineered to save lives, our Energy Absorbing Bollards (AB-EAB) can withstand a 1700kg vehicle travelling speeds up to 65km/h. Implementing this solution along highways and freeways, along low speed roads and high foot traffic areas enforces protection towards pedestrians from hostile vehicles.

Australian Bollards’ AB-EAB reduces the amount of damage inflicted when an uncontrolled vehicle attempts to enter a pedestrian dense area. This minimises the damage to people, infrastructure and vehicles - without them, our roads are not as safe.

Our Energy Absorbing Bollards (AB-EAB) are your first response to cyclist and pedestrian safety. They provide the ultimate hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solution to safeguard sidewalks, lane ways and pedestrian crossings. It is a matter of installing a solution to prevent incidents rather than facing the consequences of those 220 deaths on our Australian roads.

The AB-EAB is an effective bollard that can be utilised in a range of locations such as bus stops, tram stops, school crossings, childcare centres, shopping centres as well as service stations.

Critical infrastructure can also be protected with the AB-EAB. This is where our bollards can protect power stations, sub stations, ports and docks, desalination plants, government facilities, public transport and hospitals. This deters any hostile vehicle from damaging or entering a location.

The effectiveness of the AB-EAB will stop any intentional or unintentional car collisions from injuring pedestrians and cyclists. Roads, lane ways and footpaths are designed to be shared at various locations, so enforcing quality safety measures, like the AB-EAB, is the right approach.

The AB-EAB cartridge is also made of VVH Grade Polystyrene foam which increases its shock absorbing capabilities, making it compliant with AS/NZS 1698:2006. This is one of the important features of these bollards as they will provide quality protection to save lives across Australia.

AB-EAB bollards can also be used in conjunction with our Barrier Guards (AB-Barrier Guard). They are designed to help protect sidewalks, road intersections and more. With this level of safety measures, pedestrians and cyclists will feel confident that they’re safe to use roads and footpaths.

Australian Bollards’ AB-EAB is your answer to ensuring safety across all pedestrian and cyclist crossings.


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