Avoid The Risk

Time and time again we see accidental and non-accidental car collisions. 

Whether it is a corner cafe in Templestowe, Victoria or CBD restaurant in Perth. 

The dangers of these types of collisions are fatal and almost every time, there is injury to both person and property.

However, there is a way to mitigate these risks from happening to your business, staff and customers.

At Australian Bollards, we have provided numerous non-deforming bollards to businesses all over the country.

The need for bollards in high traffic and pedestrian areas is essential to protect and prevent harm.

Designed to a TL-0 containment level, our Energy Absorbing Bollards (AB-EAB65) are capable of halting vehicles weighing 1700kg and come tailored to client needs to stop vehicles travelling at either or up to 65km/h.  

Compared to other regular frontal impact bollards, the AB-EAB is designed to absorb oncoming collisions, protect pedestrians, assets and infrastructure by decelerating the vehicle in a controlled manner and keeping the driver within the vehicle as they brace from the impact.

The bollard is installed at a sub-surface level, and comes in a galvanised steel and powder coated finish to provide an aesthetically pleasing touch to the product.

The AB-EAB protects against hostile vehicles at your local shopping centre, cafes, schools, places of worship, government facilities or when you are looking at protecting your assets against ram-raiding.

The AB-EAB is compliant with the road safety barrier systems and device standards in the AS/NZS 3845 which was formed in 1999.  

Similarly, The Fixed Shallow Mounted Systems (AB-2.5T-64KPH) are designed to protect people and properties

Created in accordance with PAS 68 and IWA-14.1 Standards, the AB-2.5T-64 KPH Bollards have a brushed stainless steel finish to match business aesthetics while maintaining the capability to withstand the impact of 2.5 tonne hostile vehicles at speeds of up to 64 Kilometres per hour. 

Engineered to save lives the energy absorbing bollards are designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia. 

Contact the team at australianbollards.com.au or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.

Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.

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