Creating Safer Spaces: Our Tram Zone Bollards

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Creating Safer Spaces: How Bollards Shield Our Urban World

In the aftermath of a recent incident at Melbourne’s Bourke Street, the need for improved physical security measures is undeniable. Tram platforms and tram lines, vital arteries of urban mobility, often pose a dual challenge. While they facilitate essential public transport, their open design leaves room for risk. This is where our retractable Tram Zone Bollards and road safety barriers come to the rescue. These bollards also come in super shallow-mounted design.


Empowering Safety Without Compromising Mobility

These super Shallow-mounted bollards offer a layer of protection, especially in areas where deep excavation isn't feasible. Designed for busy public spaces like tram tracks, these bollards work in tandem with other tram features like lights and signals to create comprehensive safety zones around tram facilities. Adhering to international safety standards such as PAS-68/IWA14-1 ensures a reliable level of crash protection, defending both pedestrians and vehicles within these zones. They are engineered to withstand Speed and impact resistance of 1.7T at 65Kph to up to 7.5T at 80Kph.

Shallow Tram_Zone Bollard

These bollards offer advanced functionality, seamlessly incorporating RFID technology and more. This innovation ensures efficient operation while maintaining secure frequencies, preventing any interference with emergency services such as police and ambulances. Powered by advanced hydraulic systems, these bollards offer unparalleled reliability, even in challenging conditions. This hydraulic technology ensures a prompt response and precision when creating safety zones.

Guardians of Tomorrow's Urban Landscape

Also, to enhance safety around tram stops, a combination of protective measures, including Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB), plays a crucial role in reducing damage and protecting pedestrians from errant vehicles. EABs are designed to be easy to install and maintain while ensuring smooth pedestrian flow and minimizing injury risks to vehicle occupants. These bollards provide an effective means of safeguarding tram stops and their surroundings, helping create safer public transit environments.

In addition to our bollards, we proudly offer the Raptor Defence System – a powerhouse of security designed for deployment across various locations, including tram network. Our Road Blocker System is the world's only super shallow solution of its kind. Its capacity to deliver high-security performance without sacrificing space is unrivalled.

By weaving these physical security measures into our urban fabric, we lay the foundation for safer, more resilient cities, where public transport and freedom of movement coexist harmoniously.

As we stride into the future, let’s prioritize proactive safety measures like retractable and shallow-mounted bollards, and safety barriers. Together, we can protect our present and forge a safer, more secure tomorrow for all.


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