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National bike sales have increased by 50% since the global pandemic reached our shores. According to Bicycle Industries Australia, the nation is set to hit an all time new record of bikes imported into the country in a single 12-month period.

The reason to take up cycling is different for everyone but there is no denying the advantages of this mode of transport.

In supporting our community, Australian Bollards offers a range of products to help support the growing number of cyclists. 

Our Ned Kelly bike range is exceptional and well thought out. The collection includes a bike shelter, a bike repair station and various bike hoops.

When providing bicycle parking at outside locations, consideration should be given to also providing protection against the elements, particularly in locations where the bicycles are parked long-term such as shopping centres, train stations, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities and workplaces.

The Ned Kelly bike shelter is a fully enclosed shelter that provides optimum weather protection for cyclists and their bicycles. It is secure and space-efficient, guaranteed to provide protection and storage for cyclists and built to fit up to 30 bikes.

Complementary to our Ned Kelly bike range is the bike repair station. It is a stainless steel solution which features everything a bicycle owner needs to carry out simple bike repairs and maintenance keeping bicycle users on the move. 

The bike repair station includes phillip & flathead screws, allen and box wrenches, an air pump with pressure gauge on top for easy viewing, and a frame to lift up the bike.

Together the bike shelter and repair station form a practical solution for bike commuting and parking.

Additionally, we offer several bike hoops in both stainless or galvanised steel. Each bike hoop holds two bikes per hoop.


Australian Bollards’ bike hoops have the ability to fully support bikes without causing any damage to the frame or wheels. It also allows for locking of both the frame and wheel so pressure is not placed solely on the spokes.

They are ideal for maximising space, particularly in residential apartments, car parks, schools and universities.

The bike hoops can also be mounted on solid or hollow wall surfaces.  

To allow for a large number of bikes to be stored in a particular area, the racks can be installed at staggered heights and at 400mm apart so that the handlebars do not overlap.

They can be installed on our locally manufactured bike shelters or crash rail containment barriers as well as being complimented by our fixed bollards for further protection against vehicles that may be parking close by. 


Australian Bollards can offer a customised solution to suit your bike storage needs.

At NJM Group we are committed to providing products and services of a high quality that consistently meet our customer expectations and industry standards. 

Our Ned Kelly Bike Racks have been tested and are compliant with Australian Standards AS2890.3 for Bicycle Parking Facilities.

Contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.


Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.


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