Designer Bollards: A Soft Approach To Hard Security

Our Designer Bollards offer a soft approach to hard security, however, their soft appearance does not alter their ability to protect any location from a high impact threat. By keeping it green and keeping it safe, our soft style approach allows for the bollards to blend seamlessly into any chosen environment without interfering with the established aesthetic. 

flower planter bollard

Melbourne Museum is one of the largest attractions throughout the city of Melbourne. It brings in groups of children, schools and families, but also sits in the middle of two very busy roads. Our soft approach to bollards and security allows for the beauty of the infrastructure to remain without undermining its protective purpose. 

Because of the flexible nature of these designer bollards, their design can be implemented into various locations. For instance, they can be used in the surrounding areas of alfresco dining and eatery areas, infrastructure, as well as places like Melbourne Museum and city landscapes. 

Australian Bollards’ Designer Bollards are not only functional and reliable hostile mitigation solutions, they are tasteful and pleasing to the eye depending on client specifications and needs. Also, they’re engineered in accordance with IWA-14.1 standards and are PAS68 compliant. As they can be custom designed, our Designer Bollards will suit any location with creative designs whilst still protecting an area at all times. 

creative bollard example

Here at Australian Bollards, we understand that security doesn’t always have to compromise style. Our wide range of Designer Bollards include spherical bollards, manufactured with either concrete or granite, VBIED planters, illuminated bollards, sports bollards, or bollards tailored to your desired design. 

Our Designer Bollards enforce the protection of public places by deterring hostile vehicles away before an incident can even happen, making them a great solution for your community. Proudly Australian made, we prioritise an aesthetically pleasing design for your projects whilst ensuring safety above all. This type of designer bollard has been installed at Chadstone Shopping Centre, which helps to prevent incidents before they happen whilst allowing for a seamless finish and the protection to be disguised within the beauty of the product. 

chadstone bollards

Simple designs can blend perfectly with the environment as seen in Tokyo, Japan at Harumi Triton Square. The unobtrusive and elegant bollards make for a sturdy and discrete form of protection. Similarly, our Galileo Bollard shines brightly throughout the night and is manufactured with high-quality stone and reliable LED’s. The sloping sides add a unique and soft touch while delivering visibility, keeping vehicles from accessing unauthorised areas and protecting pedestrians. 

Our designer bollards can be used in all types of locations such as train stations, shopping centres like Chadstone and public areas. Here in Melbourne they have been installed around Fed Square to help maintain the safety of the public and foot traffic areas. This type of protection can also be seen in cities across the world like Paris and Rome. Two major cities with large tourism locations and culture can be high risk areas for hostile vehicles or terror threats. Implementing designer bollards can help prevent any threat from happening by ensuring a safe barrier between the public and roads. 

Rome soft approach bollard

Our bollards can also be used at locations with suspended slab and underground car parks. Providing the correct solution for public areas and facilities will help to reduce incidents while still remaining pleasing to the eye. These solutions are ideal for creating a safer environment for everyone. 


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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