EDS Systems, A Dynamic Approach To Car Park Safety

Australian Bollards are a committed company that provide services all across Australia for many types of companies and workplaces. With safety at the forefront of Australian Bollards’ mind, we prioritise efficiency and quality within every product we offer. Our Variable Rate Boards (EDS-43)/(EDS-55) are products that can be used to display messages or information through a built-in computer.

The functions of these Variable Rate Boards range over many uses. They can be used to provide drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. It can also allow road messages to be delivered to road users such as, real time road traffic conditions, current freeway traffic and speeds, as well as displaying car park information.

Crown Melbourne EDS board

Using this information that is displayed on our EDS-43/55, road users can plan their journey with the full knowledge of current travelling conditions and take alternate routes if required. They also aid in the time management of parking in shopping centres and public places such as District Docklands and Como Melbourne.

Recently, Australian Bollards installed our Variable Rate Boards at the entrance of the car park into District Docklands to display parking fee rates. This area is a public place that is highly populated with the amount of people who walk in and out of their doors. That’s why implementing our EDS Variable Rate Boards in car parks can help control traffic and ease congestion.

Como shopping centre has also implemented our EDS systems for a range of uses within their facility. These boards can provide information to car drivers about vacant parking spaces by directing them to car parks where occupancy levels are low. This can reduce their search time and therefore, reduces traffic congestion.

Unlike traditional signs, which must be manufactured and are then thrown out after they are no longer needed, EDS units are reusable and new information can always be added or taken away. This allows our EDS systems to be more cost effective and therefore, last longer and provide exceptional service.

In addition to parking services and information, our EDS systems can also be installed for event advertising, real estate signs, election information and construction sites. Their versatile use is what allows them to be one of the best products we have on offer for car park and building control. They function on a Windows Operating System but they can be installed with an Android system as well.

We also have installed our EDS systems at Crown Casino in Melbourne. They have significantly helped customers with parking information and services. Plus, their black framing highlights it’s bright screen - making it perfect for use in the sophisticated Crown location.

EDS queen vic market

As we prioritise our customers safety and requirements, an EDS 55 system has been installed at Toowong Village shopping centre in Brisbane. This shopping centre can often be flooded with a rush of people so it was essential to install a solution to control cars and traffic. It is outdoor installation which demonstrates how the machine functions perfectly outdoors while being built to last.

Here at Australia Bollards, we offer quality solutions to ease congestion and control the access to car parks and certain facilities. Choosing our EDS systems will benefit your car parks, workplaces and shopping centres with ease.


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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