Efficient security and protection with (semi-) automatic bollards

Melbourne Holocaust Museum - Semi-automatic bollard system

Recently, Australian Bollards installed a series of semi-automatic, key lockable bollards at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum (MHM) in Elsternwick. Founded in 1984 by survivors of the Holocaust in commemoration of lives lost, the MHM is Australia’s largest institution of Holocaust education and remembrance. As a result, it is vital that this institution is protected and secure to ensure that it continues to combat prejudice and cultivate understanding between peoples of all backgrounds and cultures. 

At Australian Bollards we offer a range of automatic bollards that can achieve this purpose. Similar to those installed at the MHM, we have our Semi-Automatic Retractable Bollard, a high impact, attractive solution to security and vehicle access control that still allows pedestrian entry. 

Sub-surface mounted and fixed, this retractable bollard is manually operated to rise and fall, allowing access to restricted areas to be provided to those who are authorized and denied to those who are not. The key is inserted into the top of the bollard, which is then pushed down into the surface when entry needs to be provided and the key removed. Then, when access control is once again required, the key is inserted and the bollard rises automatically by a gas spring to restrict access. With easy installation and no power supply required, this bollard provides a simple, efficient way to manage access control. Semi-automatic bollards installed at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum

Made of stainless steel, the bollard is attractive yet corrosion-resistant, ensuring it is durable and able to be installed both indoors and outdoors. Measuring at 900mm tall and 168 in diameter, the bollard can be adapted to suit a variety of unique needs, with other heights, widths, and colours available on request. 

Related to this bollard, we also offer a range of similarly high impact but fully automatic bollards, such as our hydraulic and pneumatic bollards. Operated via electronic control, both the bollards come in attractive stainless steel finishes for aesthetically pleasing, and highly efficient and convenient vehicle access control. Indeed, the hydraulic bollard is able to be installed up to 80 meters away from its control unit and the pneumatic bollard can be controlled 24/7 via an app. As well, the bollards can be set on times, which can allow them, for example, to go up at sunset and down at sunrise; this feature is made use of in our supply and installation of pneumatic bollards in Byron Bay.

Further, the bollards are strictly compliant with the disability discrimination act of 2005. Coming with illuminated lights and sirens, the bollards are designed to be highly noticeable and assist those with hearing and visual impairments that the bollard is in use. Additionally, with LED lights and reflective tape, the bollards are highly visible during low-light and night-time. 

High duty, our hydraulic and pneumatic bollards are high impact and can be engineered to protect against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). Though both bollards are durable and able to be installed both indoors and outdoors, our hydraulic bollards, in particular, are highly weather resistant, and are able to operate in temperatures between -5 to 70°C. This is an attractive quality in notoriously weather-variable Melbourne, where we supplied and installed hydraulic bollards in Deakin University’s Burwood campus. In the event of power supply issues, the bollards will fall to allow access, an especially vital feature when vehicles may require entry and restore power itself! 

Coming in ranges of dimensions similar to the semi-automatic bollards, our hydraulic and pneumatic bollards can have rise and fall times from 3 to 5 seconds. As well, like the semi-automatic bollards, these automatic bollards can have other heights, diameters, and colours upon request. 

Our range of semi-automatic and automatic bollards are attractive solutions to providing protection and access to areas to pedestrians while restricting entry of unauthorized vehicles. This primary feature is useful across a range of areas, from museums such as the MHM, religious facilities such as St Paul’s Cathedral, to educational facilities, such as Deakin University and Loreto Mandeville Hall, to restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and tourist destinations, such as Byron Bay Mornington, and Echuca

Whether dining, running errands, or learning about important history, Australian Bollards have security and access control solutions that ensure the safety and protection of people. 


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