Energy Absorbing Bollards - Active Safety at Tram Stop 139

As part of the modernisation of Melbourne's tram network, Yarra Trams constructed a new terminus and level-access platform stop on the corner of Toorak Road and Glenferrie Road in 2015.
It was the last remaining unprotected terminus on Melbourne's tram network.
A safety risk assessment completed by Yarra Trams ranked the terminus in the top ten hot spots/stops for severity, with vehicle-to-passenger near misses recorded on an almost daily basis and did not allow for safe and easy boarding.

Benefits of the upgrade included easier and safer access to trams and an increased protection from road traffic.
The upgrade would have been incomplete without the installation of Energy Absorbing Bollards (AB-EAB).

Our priorities at Australian Bollards are installation and maintenance with our most recent AB-EAB replacement at Tram stop 139 on the corner of Toorak Road and Glenferrie Road.

Tram stop 139 is the tram stop that carries commuters from Swinburne University as well as the bustling retail and hospitality venues on Glenferrie Road making it an extremely popular and busy stop.

The AB-EAB protects against hostile vehicles at your local shopping centre, cafes, schools, places of worship, government facilities or when you are looking at protecting your assets against ram-raiding.

Compared to other regular frontal impact bollards, the AB-EAB is designed to absorb oncoming collisions, protect pedestrians, assets or infrastructure and decelerate the vehicle in a controlled manner, keeping the driver within the vehicle as they brace from the impact.


Installed at a sub-surface level, the AB-EAB comes in a galvanised steel and powder coated finish to provide an aesthetically pleasing touch to the product.

The AB-EAB is the benchmark bollard when you are looking to protect critical infrastructure, public transport hubs, tram stops, busy intersections, construction site loading docks and general asset protection or parking spaces on the metro train network and near schools or universities.
Engineered to save lives the energy absorbing bollards are designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia.
Contact the team at or speak to a team member on +613 9459 3488.
Keep it safe. keep it Local. Keep it Australian made.
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