Ensuring public safety with Event Bollards

Mornington event bollards

Late last year, in the peak of tourist season, Australian Bollards proudly installed specially customised event bollards in the city of Mornington to protect the community and visitors against the threat of hostile vehicles. As states reopen their borders to one another and coronavirus restrictions ease across the country, large events, such as the upcoming Moomba Festival in Melbourne, will resume and attract even larger crowds. Moomba, which is Australia’s largest free community festival (cancelled last year due to COVID19 restrictions), is expected to attract almost a million people, and ensuring the safety of festival goers’ and protection of assets is crucial. 

Events such as Melbourne’s Bourke Street Massacre of 2017 or the more recent Waukesha Christmas parade attack that occurred in the United States last year remind us of the dangers that vehicles can pose, especially during events that bring communities together. 

To help maintain the safety of people during special occasions, Event Bollards by Australian Bollards can be leased or purchased. Available in a range of different forms, such as concrete spheres or square bollards, Event Bollards can also be customized by our team to suit a range of tastes and events, taking a soft, designer approach to hard security. 

Luna Park event bollards

Our Event Bollards’ ballistic sleeves are compliant with section 3.8 (dispersion of major debris) of PAS 68 Standards, the test standard for hostile vehicle mitigation, ensuring public safety while also protecting expensive assets, from sound systems to amusement rides. Our popular concrete bollards, simple and suitable for any occasion, come with proprietary security inserts that make them more impact resistant. 

Solar powered lights are also available for the bollards, acting decoratively and working to sustainably enhance surroundings while also further ensuring the safety of the public who are visually impaired and regardless of the time of day. 

No matter the circumstance or time, Australian Bollard’s Event Bollards can be utilized to ensure that your assets are protected and public safety can be maintained against errant/hostile vehicles. 

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