Event Bollards – Your first response to outdoor dining

Australian Bollards Event Bollards are the perfect temporary/permanent total leasing solution for public safety. Ideal for events such as public parties, street events, celebrations, sport games, markets or seasonal gatherings; get ready for your alfresco outdoor dining with our event bollards.


A business that is committed to providing quality products that consistently meets our client’s expectations, Australian Bollards high quality solutions are about keeping your alfresco dining safe.


Deployed at a moment’s notice, this innovative solution is a great way to provide protection for events during the holiday season where there is often a need to ramp up security as quickly as possible. Popular due to their elegant, rustic finish, event bollards include a propriety security insert making them even more impact-resistant than other similar bollards.

Australian Bollards has provided event bollard solutions for various locations including Luna Park, the Point Cook pop-up, the Queen Victoria Market, Bendigo Easter Festival and Collin’s Street, which has proven to be a great way of protecting your events.  


We also offer our AB-EAB Energy Absorbing Bollards, compliant with all Australian road authorities, forming an ideal partnership when combined with our range of Pop-Up Street Furniture. This provides the ultimate solution to safeguard sidewalks, laneways and pedestrians for your alfresco dining.


Enforcing public safety is one of our top priorities here at NJM Group, we also offer a free QR code service with a Tensile Belt Barrier purchase. By practicing social distancing and continuing to follow the rules implemented by the Australian Government, you can receive a free service for your business.


Australian Bollards architecture and planning team can help small businesses apply for permits for the installation of our product range at the front of their business. We design, supply and install our range of products for your business. To apply for a permit, visit the following: VICTASNTQLDACTNSWWASA.


For more information on our Alfresco dining range, contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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