Fin Bollards - Protecting the community

As Melbourne’s CBD is filled with many who love to visit its shopping centres, restaurants, bars, museums, and many other delightful tourist attractions; Australian Bollards understands the importance of safety for both the community and its infrastructure.

Alternatively, Australian Bollards is committed to the provision of high quality products that will help keep both businesses and individuals protected.

Designed to help shape the streetscape of Melbourne, the Fin Bollard is an achievable solution that can be placed at regular intervals to help keep the community secured. The provision of this product prevents unwanted vehicles from entering pedestrian areas, helps seperate (prevents unauthorised access and protects property) within a space and protects properties. Not only is the Fin Bollard a great form of added security, but its unique design blends well within landscapes. 

Australian Bollards manufactures the Fin Bollard in both a stainless steel or cast aluminium finish; and can be customised to suit client requirements.


Our Fin Bollard range includes both fixed and removable bollards, with a security insert, which adds strength to the bollard. However, the removable bollards include a mechanism that connects it to the base. Although considered as an intricate, the removable Fin Bollard has a strong fabrication of levers, springs and locks, and masonry anchors, which allows local councils to remove them as needed. These bollards can be polished with a mirror-finish after fabrication. 

Australian Bollards has previously worked on projects with the Whitsunday Regional, the Whitehorse City Council, the Cairns Regional Council, the City of Banyule, Geelong Australia, Benalla Rural City and the Bass Coast Shire Council, to provide customisable solutions. 

For more information on our Fin Bollard range, please call +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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