Geelong's GMHBA Stadium Upgrade: Innovation Meets Security

GMHBA Stadium, also known as Kardinia Park and nestled in the heart of Geelong, stands as more than just a sporting venue. It's a dynamic center of community engagement and a symbol of the city's dedication to creating a lively, inclusive atmosphere. This renowned stadium, the proud home of the Geelong Cats, has experienced significant transformations, with its most recent redevelopment poised to boost its capacity to over 40,000 spectators. This expansion features a new two-tier northern grandstand capable of accommodating 14,000 fans, elevating the stadium's capability to host larger and more varied events, ranging from AFL matches to international cricket.

With such a significant increase in capacity, ensuring the safety of GMHBA Stadium is of utmost importance, particularly considering the wide array of events it hosts. Australian Bollards plays a pivotal role in this aspect, with its expertise in hostile vehicle mitigation systems. As a leading provider, Australian Bollards skillfully offers security solutions that integrate well with the community's requirements while maintaining top-notch safety. All products from Australian Bollards are designed and manufactured locally, epitomizing the ideal blend of safety and community-focused values.



The Hostile Mitigation System is a prime example of the company's dedication to delivering high-quality, locally produced security solutions. Its innovative shallow-mount design eliminates the need for excavation. The AB-2.5T-64KPH and AB-3.5T-48KPH systems from Australian Bollards are particularly notable for their strength and versatility in providing security and protection. Our range of HVM solutions, including the Centurion range and both static and removable options, are capable of halting vehicles weighing from 2.5 tons to 7.5 tons traveling at speeds from 48 km/h to 80 km/h. This technical prowess in security perfectly aligns with Geelong's ethos, ensuring that visitors to GMHBA Stadium can enjoy events with peace of mind. This partnership underscores a strong emphasis on safety and local innovation, highlighting Australian Bollards' commitment to "keeping it safe, keeping it local, and keeping it Australian made."


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