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Communication is one of the many keys to having a safe and happy environment and when it comes to some of Melbourne’s tallest buildings like the residential 43 level high rise at 35 Spring Street, it becomes quite essential in helping manage its 300 residents.

Australian Bollards range of architecturally designed intercom bollards, like the AB-INTA-S, provides a communication solution that adds convenience and security to the premises.


This communication solution can be installed to perfectly complement any security system in any home, office or commercial location while they can be used with audio, video, analogue or digital forms of communication.

Our intercom bollards can be fabricated to accommodate a range of devices and appliances such as intercoms, control points, help points, power outlets and security cameras while they can also be customised with a powder coated or stainless steel finish, coming in the customer’s colour of choice.  

Intercom bollards can be installed across a range of locations within the site including being mounted on walls but for maximum effectiveness the product is best utilised at entry and exit points within the building.

Our range of intercom bollards can be operated via a monitor which is attached to the intercom and with the press of a button, a person can be allowed to enter the building. This method controls who is allowed and prevent unwanted visitors into the apartment building, thereby providing the access control necessary to keep its residents safe.

These intercom bollards are also manufactured to a user friendly pedestrian height, thereby allowing wheelchair access, which makes them compliant with the Discrimination Disability Act (DDA) which was made in 2005.

While the purpose of intercom bollards are predominantly utilised for communication, Australian Bollards knows you can never take safety for granted. Our range of intercom bollards can also be engineered to meet PAS68 standards meaning they have the capacity to halt a 2500kg vehicle travelling speeds up to 48kp/h, making them a hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solution which will help create a safe working environment. 


Quality and service is our philosophy at Australian Bollards and for over 25 years we have been providing our customers with the very best there is to offer in asset protection and client safety.

For more information on our range of intercom bollards and other products, please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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