Preventing disaster at service stations

Storing large quantities of valuable, and highly flammable material, the protection of petrol bowsers at service stations is highly important to ensure safety. With heavy machinery - cars, motorbikes, and trucks - regularly operated by people around these bowsers, disaster is always a possibility, this is where our bollards can assist.

Our Petrol Station Bollards have been designed specially for fuel pump and service station equipment protection from vehicle collisions. Coming in both fixed and removable versions with included storage sleeves and cover plates, our petrol station bollards are adaptable and can be a permanent or temporary fixture anywhere in your service station, whether it’s surrounding bowsers or along the storefront.

The bollards are abrasion resistant, with the zinc coating absorbing corrosive materials before they can reach the metal of the bollard. They are powder-coated, a polished, attractive finish that is far more durable than standard paint. These elements come together to create an effective, long-lasting and durable bollard. 

The bollards are 1500mm in length (300mm below ground), and come with Class 1 Reflective Tape at the top of the bollard, giving it greater visibility in the dark.

As can be seen in the 2020 footage of a truck crashing into a Ballarat BP service station, stations near high-traffic roads may be in need of more than just Petrol Station Bollards to ensure the safety of people and the protection of their assets. The FSRC-1500 total asset protection concrete road cow can provide maximum protection to fuel pumps in the face of errant vehicles, helping to prevent the disastrous and deadly gas leaks and wreckage that can result from crashes. 

The concrete cow is held in place by proprietary in-ground fixings, which with its 1.5 tonne weight greatly strengthen its ability to block and protect. In addition, it has signage that can be customized to suit any requirements. 

Australian Bollards has proudly provided asset protection to Caltex, United, Ampol, 7Eleven, Shell, BP and Liberty Petrol Stations all around Australia.

For more information, visit our website or contact us on +613 9459 3488.

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