Protecting the Important Things - Energy Absorbing Bollards

Whether we notice it or not, many of us take critical infrastructure for granted in our everyday lives. We turn on a tap, flip a switch, push a button, and water, light, and heat are all readily available but it’s important to know how to protect these systems from damage. 

The risks surrounding critical infrastructure are myriad, ranging from natural threats like fire, earthquakes and tsunamis, to man-made threats like ram-raiding, tampering, and terrorism. 

There are also accidental and technical threats to consider, such as safety systems, hazardous material and power-grid failures. 

Each risk requires a unique approach and the protection of critical infrastructure is always a significant challenge, however, Australian Bollards have modernised their compliance practices with a security solution that meets regulations and compliances. 

The AB-EAB Energy Absorbing Bollard is the most innovative solution to protecting critical infrastructure and public safety and is compliant with the AS/NZS 3845 standards (formed in 2017), making them the benchmark for road safety barrier systems and device standards. 

Our Energy Absorbing Bollards are configured to a TL-0 containment level to withstand a 1700 kilogram vehicle travelling up to 65km/h.

Compared to other regular frontal impact bollards, the AB-EAB is designed to not only absorb the oncoming collision and protect pedestrians, assets or infrastructure but to also decelerate a vehicle in a controlled manner.

Installed in a sub-surface mounted fashion, the AB-EAB is a one metre tall and comes in a galvanised steel and powder coated finish of either white or yellow.

Ideal for protecting power stations, sub stations, ports and docks, desalination plants, government facilities, public transport and hospitals, the EAB has both a fixed and removable optional available and repairable after impact.

Designed and engineered to save lives, the AB-EAB is the safety solution that ensures critical infrastructure is kept safe from harm’s way and protected.

Keep it safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.


For more information on our Bollards, contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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