RHINO Crash Rail System - Guaranteed Car Park Safety

Car park accidents are common among us all.

To save you the trouble of dealing with extensive damage and safety risks, Australian Bollards have an innovative car-park guardrail safety barrier system, The RHINO Crash Rail System.

Installed on a level slightly above the main road, the main feature of the RHINO Crash Rail System is its W-Beam guardrail with an added handrail. The guardrail is crash tested to demonstrate compliance with AS/NZS 2890.1, and is hot dip galvanized and ensures maximum protection in our line of car park crash railing line of products.

The steel has the option of being powder-coated and can be configured to provide pedestrian fall protection (1100mm or 1300mm high).

These barriers are manufactured from high grade steel and are heat treated for strength and flexibility. This flexibility absorbs the energy during impact and offers a reduced risk of damage to the barrier, vehicle and structure.

Each parking space is paired with a wheel stop compliant with Australian Standards. It also features an anti-climb mesh balustrade surrounding the edges, which prevents vehicles, pedestrians and patrons from falling off the ledge. 

The RHINO Crash Rail System has been crash tested and sustained no damage to the anchor bolts or concrete withstanding the impact of a 1.5 tonne vehicle. 

Australian Bollards have installed this system at many locations including a shop and office precinct on  Main St in Emerald.

The RHINO Crash Rail System is an economical and effective solution for protecting properties including schools, childcares, hospitals, shopping blocks/centres, warehouses, loading docks, logistics yards, factory facilities, retail parks and many other heavy industrial applications where car park safety is a priority.

This system is assessed to exceed the 30kN impact load as described in the most recent Industry Standards, AS/NZS 2890:1 and is manufactured with the utmost quality and care to deliver the best service by Australian Bollards.

It is the ideal solution to the potential damages and threats that you may encounter.

For more information on RHINO Crash Rail Systems, call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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