Safer solutions: Pneumatic Automatic Bollards

Quality and service is our philosophy at Australian Bollards, and we have always been committed to providing security for coastal areas, along with river towns, educational institutions, cathedrals and more. 

Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards (AB-PB168-900S) are guaranteed to be the safest solution for protecting assets and saving lives. 

Earlier on, Byron Bay’s iconic street lined with restaurants, Bay Lane, was transformed into a protected, secure, and people-friendly area thanks to the installation of our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards. 


Australian Bollards’ Automatic Pneumatic Bollard is a high impact hostile vehicle mitigation solution that can be controlled via an app to deliver 24/7 security. The Bollards are also programmed on an interchangeable time frame to suit our client’s needs and requirements, providing remote access for emergency services if need be. 

The installation of Pneumatic Automatic Bollards in Bay Lane, Byron Bay NSW, was a project which was designed to make the short, but busy laneway safer for all users and those enjoying an alfresco dining experience. The Bollards are automated to rise out of the pavement from 5pm each evening until 5am the following day, ensuring that the entrances to Bay Lane are closed off to traffic.


Moreover, Mainstreet in Mornington was also converted into an outdoor dining precinct with community safety at the forefront. Australian Bollards installed Automatic Pneumatic Bollards at the Barkly St and Esplanade entrances to ensure public protection and security late last year. 

 Additionally, Echuca Campaspe shire also required the installation of our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards in a North Victorian town named Echuca. The beautiful Murray River, which runs through Echuca, is a historic charm which draws both locals and tourists into the town, however, it has been known to flood during periods of heavy rainfall. Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards come in stainless steel with different grades ranging from 304 to 316, to guarantee durability and resistance to corrosion. 

Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards are also installed with illuminated lights and sirens which are designed to assist people with visual or hearing impairments, allowing for quality protection and long-lasting use. 

Perfect for locations which require custom access control, these Pneumatic Automatic Bollards only allow access to those who have authorised access, and strongly deter unwanted vehicles.

Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards are the key for implementing safety solutions for a wide range of locations and have been installed at several other locations including, Cheder Levi Yitzchok, Deakin University, Loreto Mandeville Hall in Toorak, and St Paul’s Cathedral on Flinders St.

For more information on our range of products and services, please call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today. 

Keep it safe. Keep it local. Keep it Australian made. 

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