Secure and Flexible: Shock Absorbing Bollards

In an era where security needs are ever-evolving, Australian Bollards emerges as a beacon of innovation and resilience. Our suite of products is designed to safeguard assets and ensure operational continuity in areas frequented by people and vehicles. From bustling corporate headquarters and authoritative governmental buildings to serene residential complexes, Australian Bollards offers a blend of robust security measures that maintain aesthetic integrity. Among Our standout products are the Flexible RP2 Card Reader Post & Head Access Control System and the Shock Absorbing Bollard, designed to address different security concerns efficiently.

Resilience Meets Flexibility: The RP2 Access Control System

Flexible RP2 Access Control System

The Flexible RP2 Access Control System is the epitome of resilience, engineered to minimize damage by snapping back to its original position after impacts. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as parking lots, corporate buildings, and schools and universities, it prevents significant damage to both the control post and the colliding vehicle while maintaining security integrity. This system is particularly effective against accidental impacts and deterrence against deliberate ram-raiding attempts, offering uninterrupted operation and long-term reliability in vulnerable settings.



By combining resilience, adaptability, and customizability, the Australian Bollards' RP2 Card Reader Post & Head Access Control System represents a significant advancement in security and access control technology. Its innovative design and functionality make it an excellent choice for ensuring safety and security in various settings, contributing to the development of smarter cities and secure environments worldwide.

The Shock Absorbing Bollard: Guarding Against Impacts
Shock Absorbing Bollard Image 1
Shock Absorbing Bollard Image 2

Shock Absorbing Bollards serve as crucial safeguards in areas prone to accidental impacts, such as pedestrian zones, the perimeters of warehouses, and places where heavy machinery operates. These bollards are designed to absorb and disperse the kinetic energy from collisions, minimizing damage to the vehicle, the bollard itself, and the surrounding infrastructure, while prioritizing pedestrian safety. Their deployment is strategic, protecting vulnerable points in parking lots, pedestrian pathways, and around industrial equipment, thus reducing the aftermath of vehicular accidents and misdirected movements.

Equipped with the ability to revert to their original form after an impact, Shock Absorbing Bollards reduce the need for repairs or replacements, making them ideal for high-traffic and industrial areas. This resilience, combined with their energy-absorbing technology, not only safeguards individuals and property but also cuts down on maintenance costs. The bollards offer a sophisticated blend of visual deterrence and innovative protection, making them indispensable for maintaining safety and integrity in various settings.


Tailored Security Solutions with Australian Bollards

Australian Bollards excels in crafting customizable security solutions that resonate with the unique requirements of diverse settings. From integrating the Flexible RP2 system with cutting-edge access control technologies to custom designing Shock Absorbing Bollards that complement the architectural beauty of heritage sites, our dedication to customization is unmistakable. These adaptable solutions effectively address the security needs of retail centre’s, commercial precincts, government buildings, warehouses, and residential communities, offering robust protection against accidental impacts and unauthorized vehicular access.

By focusing on flexibility, resilience, and customization, Australian Bollards not only ensures the protection of properties and individuals but also maintains the aesthetic integrity of the environments they serve. Our forward-thinking approach to security guarantees that from bustling urban centre’s to serene residential locales, assets and individuals are shielded with the utmost standard of safety from unintended impacts.

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