Secure Gas Meters: Durable Solutions

Australian Bollards presents an innovative range of gas meter bollards, designed to provide robust protection for gas meters in various settings. These bollards are constructed from durable, high-strength galvanized steel, ensuring long-lasting resilience against potential impacts. All gas meter bollards produced at Australian Bollards meets regulations including Multinet Gas, Energy Safe Victoria, AusNet, Australian Gas Network and others. Available in different sizes, including 114mm,100mm and 90mm diameter, they cater to diverse installation needs.


The design of these gas meter bollards focuses on both functionality and aesthetics. They come in eye-catching grey or yellow powder coated finish, with a sleek stainless-steel cap, blending safety with visual appeal. The option to backfill them with concrete further enhances their protective capability, making them ideal for safeguarding gas meters against damage.



Perfect for residential or commercial environments, especially those close to driveways or high-traffic areas, these bollards meet essential safety standards. They offer an effective solution for protecting gas infrastructure while maintaining compliance with safety regulations.

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