Solutions to Protect against Hostile Situations

Terrorism continues to evolve and several factors have resulted in increased threats internationally and domestically in recent years. Types of threats like this need ongoing attention and solutions to prevent incidents from occurring. Here at Australian Bollards we offer a range of solutions to protect your businesses, community from threats. Whether that is a council area, government facility, local community centre - we install quality solutions throughout Australia.

Our hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions are superior products that help to protect vulnerable places from unauthorised vehicle threats. Our Raptor Defence System (AB-RDS7.2-64KPH) is a type of road blocker system which can be used across many locations such as, airports, government facilities, embassies, military bases, prisons and more.

Its design prevents hostile vehicles from entering a certain location where only authorised access is allowed. The Raptor Defence System functions with an up and down movement, deterring vehicles away that do not have access to a certain facility. It also has the ability to stop a 7200kg truck, travelling up to 64kph. This enforces its strong engineering when it comes to protecting highly populated, significant locations from hostile vehicles or terror threats.

Our Raptor Defence System can therefore help to prevent a serious incident before it happens. This ensures a quality protection for the safety of pedestrians, public places and other vehicles in the area. This makes our AB-RDS7.2-64KPH product the perfect solution to protect against any hostile environment and control access. 


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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