Utility & Service Protection, Safeguarding Our Roads And Railways

Part of Victoria’s big build, many level crossings are being removed which are impacting the way people travel now and for the future. Here at Australian Bollards, we are committed to providing safe and quality solutions to protect our community. We are here to ensure the protection of assets, pedestrians and workers by making them aware of certain routes and cables in many locations.

Service Route Protection Post

Our Service Route Protection and Cable Route Marker Posts are now in stock and available for your service and requirements. Their design allows for a clear indicator of where important electrical equipment is stored as well as informing people of its location - this provides protection for both people and the equipment. 

Our AB-SRP and AB-CRM bollards feature a flattened base that helps to prevent the post from lifting or rotating, keeping it stable within the concrete around it. The bollards are also manufactured in galvanized steel. This protection post is 2000mm tall with 800mm mounted below ground and 1200mm above ground, being the perfect height to indicate important assets. 

Service Route Protection Post

These bollard posts are ideal for installation in construction zones such as railway tracks to aid workers and pedestrians in the placement of important wires and cables. Just like with Victoria’s big build and the companies assisting the removal of level crossings. VicTrack and Metro Tunnel are both key construction companies that are a part of Victoria’s big built project, and with such a large construction underway, we can implement our bollards to ensure the safety and protection of important equipment. 

They are a form of asset protection as they can help to ensure the protection of certain cables and equipment from damage. However, their main purpose is being an identifier of services. As they are powder-coated in white they are able to be easily seen and identified by workers and vehicles. This makes them the perfect solution for VicTrack and Metro Tunnel workers to use during the big build project. 

Both the AB-SRP and AB-CRM bollard posts work in a very similar way by protecting people, workers and equipment. However, the AB-CRM bollard can have a written marker post installed on top to further identify the service it protects. 

Our number one priority is to provide quality solutions to protect our community - whether that is people and workers or our roads and infrastructure. Installing our Service/Cable Route Protection bollards will ensure the safety of everyone and everything for many years to come.  


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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