Warehouse Security during Social Uncertainty

The shelves at local shopping centres including Coles and Woolworths remain empty, as the fear that essential items will no longer be available as the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world.

As the effects of this crisis remains unpredictable, it is important that warehouse protection is prioritised during this social uncertainty. 

Australian Bollards has the perfect solutions to help manage the health and safety of your team, as well as the protection of your warehouse. 

The AB-H88 IR Thermal Detector is the perfect solution to help manage the health and safety of your team, while also ensuring public safety at a moments notice. 

This products helps keep all staff, workplaces, transport stations, sporting facilities, remand centres, correctional facilities, construction sites, schools, hospitals, universities and terminals safe. This product is perfect as it helps to control your working environment and includes a built-in chargeable battery, making it perfect for public safety.

Initially, the use of infrared thermal detector that detect and provide readings of body temperature and thermal heat patterns within a person will help to contain the spread of the virus, which has already affected thousands of people worldwide.

Australian Bollards Anti-Ram Raid Access Control Removable Key Lockable Bollard is the perfect solution to help keep your warehouse protected against ram raids.
These removable bollards are key operated and designed to help assist, combat and prevent Australia wide theft of retail, commercial and industrial goods, plant and equipment, as well as shops fronts from ram-raids. 

Due to people stocking up on items, this solution is important because shopping centres across the country are running out of essential items such as toilet paper, medication, milk, and even both hand sanitiser and hand wash products extremely fast, leaving shelves empty. This may leave warehouse manufacturers as targets for ram raid attacks.

For more information on both our IR Thermal Detector and Anti-Ram Raid Bollard Range, please contact us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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