Warehouse security with boom barriers

At Australian Bollards we recently installed a boom barrier at a commercial warehouse in Thomastown, a suburb of Melbourne. With forklifts entering and exiting the warehouse at any one moment, a system of access control was needed to stop unauthorized people from entering but allow employees to move with ease. Asset protection was also provided, with the restriction of access safeguarding valuable warehouse merchandise against theft. 

AB-DBA-900 - Boom Gate - Dahlsens Thomastown

The boom barrier has a sensor that triggers it to open automatically for those vehicles within the warehouse that want to exit, such as forklifts, allowing for the optimal mix of security and efficiency in the warehouse’s day-to-day operations. Other than this automatic action, the boom barrier could also be controlled via remote from any direction, providing convenience for authorized persons who needed to enter. These two functions combine to form the perfect levels of access control for the entry and exit of warehouses. 

The boom barrier arm is powder coated for a refined and attractive finish that is durable against the elements and any bumps it may face. This boom arm is 6 meters in length, but is able to be customized to be shorter. In addition to included high-vis orange strips, the barrier comes with LED illumination to further increase visibility in low light. 

Illumination is often a necessary upgrade for warehouses, where deliveries may occur in the early morning hours, before daylight, yet also provides a nice aesthetic look, proving that safety doesn’t have to be unattractive. This safety was bolstered with a warning safety beacon lighting and siren, always included to ensure the barrier is DDA compliant and working to increase awareness of those nearby that the barrier is in operation, both visually and audibly. 

AB-DBA-900 - Boom Gate - Dahlsens Thomastown

These features all came together to create the perfect turnkey solution to access control for this warehouse in Thomastown. For other warehouses, different features can be combined to fit any unique needs; for example, those warehouses that want the highest levels of security can opt for remote control access only. Warehouses around Australia could benefit from our access control systems, from commercial stock warehouses like the DFO to parcel processing warehouses like what is used by Australia Post. 

It is not just warehouses, we have installed our access control systems at various locations across the country, with some of our most recent being done at Uniting AgeWell and in Colac. Schools, car parks, airports, shopping centers, government buildings, gated communities, hotels, and more, can all benefit from access control systems such as what we installed at the Thomastown warehouse!

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